McLane Research Labs : Products


Moored Profiler (MMP)
The McLane Moored Profiler (MMP) autonomously profiles the water column in a time-series along a fixed tether.  Profiling depth, time intervals and pressure stops are user-defined, and profiling patterns can span specific seasons or timeframes. An optional underwater inductive modem provides real-time communication between the MMP and a surface buoy or seabed node.  We offer two MMP models: the standard and extended version.  The extended MMP provides 50% more battery capacity and is 12.7cm longer than the standard MMP.


Sediment Traps            

McLane Sediment Traps sample the flux of settling particulate matter in time-series according to a user defined schedule. They continue to play an important role in ongoing studies of the global carbon cycle.

In addition to time-series measurement of particle flux, McLane sediment traps are well suited for paleoproxy and radionucleide investigations and can readily be used for environmental and pollution monitoring.  


                        This set includes the WSD-10 wet sample divider


   ZooPlankton Sampler (ZPS)
The McLane ZooPlankton Sampler is designed for the in situ collection of zooplankton. Up to 50 samples are collected and preserved on a user defined schedule and without damage to the organisms. Velocity and light gradients are minimized in the sample volume to avoid triggering escape responses.
   Water Transfer Systems (WTS)
McLane Water Transfer Systems collect up to 24 samples in autonomous, user defined, time-series using 47mm or 142mm filters or extraction columns. Large volume systems collect single samples onto 142mm filters, commonly while suspended from the hydrowire of a research vessel. WTS and WTS-LV systems equipped with suitable filters can be used to collect suspended particles, particulate trace metals, and phytoplankton. Using extraction columns, a WTS can be used to collect time-series samples of dissolved compounds, dissolved radionucleides, and dissolved trace metals.
   Remote Access Samplers (RAS)
McLane Remote Access Samplers collect and preserve up to 48 water samples in autonomous, user defined, time-series into 100ml or 500ml lined bags. RAS systems are suitable for the collection of dissolved major and minor nutrients, dissolved trace metals, and dissolved organic carbon.
   Flotation and Mooring Products
Our line of mooring products includes glass flotation (in many configurations), glass instrument housings, steel flotation, turnkey mooring systems, and mooring recovery floats.
   Environmental Sample Processor
Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) provides in situ collection and analysis of water samples from the subsurface ocean. The instrument is an electromechanical/fluidic system designed to collect discrete water samples, concentrate microorganisms or particles, and automate application of molecular probes which identify microorganisms and their gene products.